[Mailman-Users] help for mailman 1.1

Maurizio Gestapo xabino at freemail.it
Tue Sep 12 01:24:04 CEST 2000

Hello folks...

This is first time that i post a message here and i need of help about Mailman 1.1.
I have configured it, it has acknowledgmented gid mail (my mail server is Sendmail 8.9.3)
and gid cgi (my web server is Apache 1.3.12). When the installation is finished i configured
all as INSTALL text file tells. Ok i created the list "list" and i added all aliases in 
/etc/aliases. I configured "list" in admin web page (http://mydomain/mailman/admin/list)
and i subscribed me. For now all regular. When arrive me the message to confirm the
subscription i reply to it. When reply arrive there is an error that i append here:

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