[Mailman-Users] Virtual Domains

Ron Jarrell jarrell at vt.edu
Wed Sep 13 22:32:49 CEST 2000

At 04:20 PM 9/13/00 -0300, Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:

>Speaking of virtual domains, I've been meaning to ask something here on
>the list.
>In my case however, we run a massive virtual hosting service, and I wanted
>to offer a mailman list service so list name collision between domains is
>bound to happen very soon if I use an out of the box mailman installation.
>So I was thinking in the lines of placing a mailman installation (maybe
>with a different user) for each domain, but using symlinks to the code
>directories, so that I can upgrade or change the code in a single place.

That's been discussed recently on the developers list... I expect it'll make it in soon, cause it was
acknowledged as a Good Thing...  You might take it on as a cause.  I think the suggestion was
to split up the list dir into hostname buckets, and potentially going ahead and splitting up those
buckets into "a" "b" or some similar scheme now, to be prepared for the sites that need
thousands of lists.
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