[Mailman-Users] Re: Quality Mailman documentation

Christopher Kolar ckolar at admin.aurora.edu
Tue Sep 26 16:27:32 CEST 2000

At 01:20 AM 9/26/2000, David Champion wrote:
>On 2000.09.26, in <16841.969948001 at kanga.nu>,
>         "J C Lawrence" <claw at kanga.nu> wrote:
> > An associatate of David Champion's, Chris Kolar has been working on
> > some rather good PDF and HTML based Mailman documentation.  You used
>Actually, I don't know Chris, but I know he reads this list. :)  I saw
>his posting about his docs one day, and decided it would be a good
>thing to link to -- although I probably should have asked permission
> > David: Can you help dig up Chris Kolar and some chance at that
> > documetnation here?  As I recall, it was well written and certainly
> > deserving of a wide(r) audience.
>I expect he'll pop up any moment now; I've cc:ed his address.

Hello everyone, here I am.  I have been working on the finishing touches 
for the v2 documentation and it is pretty much close to ready.  We have 
been putting in increasingly loud requests with our administration for 
permission to release the new docs under the GFDL and we expect to have 
that approval in time to release the v2 documents on the official release date.

Strangely enough, while composing this note another message came in telling 
me that the AU administration has given approval for release of the 
documents under the GFDL:
I guess we need to hear from Barry now about implications for packaging &c.

Here at AU we have shifted to using Blackboard for most of our online 
instructional support, so we have not put as many resources into working on 
developing Mailman materials.  At this time we will have a revised version 
of the administrator's documents as well as a "what is the difference" 
document with only the changed sections for experienced admins who just 
want to know what is new.  We have not put any work into updating the user 
(list subscriber) documents.

I hope that this helps people with planning for the v2 rollout.  I will be 
posting announcements to the lists as news is available on the 
documentation status.


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