[Mailman-Users] /home/mailman/logs/smtp-failures

Chris Hedemark hedemark at bops.com
Tue Sep 26 19:09:48 CEST 2000

OK I did the upgrade to 2.0beta6 and all hell has broken loose.  Followed
INSTALL and UPGRADE but something is still wrong.

My smtp-failures log is full of stuff like this:

Sep 26 13:05:02 2000 (1549) -1 hedemark at bops.com (ignore)

There is one log entry for every mailing list subscriber, and this gets
updated every minute.  Looks like lots of stuff is backed up in the queue
and not going out.  Have tried recompiling Mailman to no avail.  This is on
a Red Hat 6.2 system.

FWIW, it is doing a decent job of archiving my pile of test messages.
Though nobody is actually getting the test messages.

Thanks for being patient with me guys.

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