[Mailman-Users] List Info page showing wrong e-mail address

Chris Boot bootc at worldnet.fr
Sun Apr 1 17:48:02 CEST 2001


Sorry for bothering you guys, I've figured it out.  The problem was that the
compiled Defaults.py (.pyc) wasn't getting the host name to set the owner
from.  I just had to override the owner variable in my mm_cfg.py file, and
add was well.

> I just set up Mailman 2.0.3 on my web server -- very nice stuff!
> I've set everything up as per the INSTALL file, but when I go to my
> /mailman/listinfo.cgi page without specifying a list, the list owner e-mail
> address is not @DEFAULT_HOST_NAME, but at the machine's DNS host name...
> I'm on a virtual host, so this means a lot to me.  None of the other pages
> are affected, even /mailman/listinfo.cgi/test, which is the list info page
> for the test list I set up.
> Any ideas?  Did I just discover a stupid bug?  Do I need to change
> Defaults.py?

Chris Boot
bootc at worldnet.fr

Life is hard. Concrete is hard. Life is concrete.

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