[Mailman-Users] An enhancement Suggestion

Develia the Wicked stephanie at hawkbane.net
Sun Apr 1 15:55:05 CEST 2001

Not sure how to get this to the folks who write mailman so trying this

If there were an option to record a nickname or realname in the database
that is associated with the email listing, it would prove very handy in a
couple of ways.

I have used mailman to run mailing lists for a few
organizations.  Sometimes a member may ask me to make a change, or I might
need to make sure that someone is removed when they leave the
organization, etc.  Righ tnow to do that I have to cross reference a list
of real names/nicknames with email addresses which can take some time.

If instead, when a person subscribes (or is added by an administrator) we
could attach some sort of an identifier outside the email address, it
would help alot with ensuring that my lists are as accurate as possible.

You could even attach the same information to the adminitrators, etc, so
that rather than displaying an email address as the hotlink for who runs a
given list, you could display their name.

Wonder if anyone else would find this useful?


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