[Mailman-Users] Using Majordomo "log" format with pipermail

Phydeaux reb at taco.com
Mon Apr 2 21:59:05 CEST 2001

At 11:57 AM 4/2/2001 -0500, Ryan K. Brooks wrote:
>Hi All, 'nuther question:
>     I see that it's relatively painless to bring in addition mbox
>formatted archives into a new mailman list, but I'd like to bring in a
>bunch of old stuff from Majordomo in it's Log format.   Any suggestions
>on this?
>I tried to search the -users archives, but the SIG stuff doesn't appear
>to work anymore.   Thanks for any advice,

I'm not sure what Majordomo log format is but mbox format is pretty
easy to convert stuff into... just ^N^Nfrom<space> between messages.
The problem that I ran into when doing some conversion is that
Mailman 2.0 looks for some date/time strings on the same line as
the "from<space>" ... This is supposed to be fixed in the next release.
You can change it yourself (or see what to munge your output to
look like) by perusing mailman.py. See my messages from last week
on archiving for the exact line.


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