[Mailman-Users] semi-OT - nntp companion service

Jerry Adlersfluegel jerrya at jerrya.net
Fri Apr 6 03:24:11 CEST 2001

I know this has little to do with Mailman, but I thought I'd see if anyone
has done what I'm thinking about doing. 

I would like to two-way-gate a private list to a newsgroup on a private
news server (which I would host on the same box). My wishlist includes the

- Runs on Linux.
- Uses the mailman usernames/passwds the users already have. This implies
  that they are a subscriber of the list, but may have delivery turned
- Threading is preserved.
- Isn't too impossible to set up.
- Free/Open Source.

I have gated a group to a list before, and that worked out great. But now
a list I have would like to have a choice between tons of email in their
inboxes, and their good old news reader program.

If you have any experience with or tips for doing this, I would love to
hear about it.

Thanks in advance.

Jerry Adlersfluegel

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