[Mailman-Users] messages not don't get past wrapper

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir at technion.ac.il
Sun Apr 8 19:50:15 CEST 2001

On Sat, 7 Apr 2001, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:

> Hi
> I installed Mailman 2.0.2 on a linux mandrake 7.2 with postfix .

> The problem is that I can't get messages delivered to my test list.
> The alises were set correctly. The mail logs show successful delivery.
> But the mailman logs show nothing, not even an error.
> I tried running that command from the alias manually as the user nobody,
> and supplying it a message from standard input. I get no echo, and nothing
> shows up in the log.
> If I give an incorrect list name from nobody`s command-line, I get a line
> about that in the mailman error log.
> I've seen a couple of similar reports in this list, with no reply.

OK. I used private mail, and here I got a reply:

] Yeah, didn't run crontab as indicated in the instructions.  I got one
] response, rather rude <g>.  Oh well, I guess I learn from my mistakes
] :-) 

If anyone here feels that this question is so dumb that it should not be
answered at all, than it should be added to the FAQ.

As it happens, I verified that the RPM has added cron jobs, so I thought
that I had that covered at install time.

After reading that message I re-checked it, and it seems that the RPM has
set the crontab file with an incorrect format (they lack the 'username'
field), and indeed those cron jobs has not appeared in the cron logs.

For the record:

instead of:
* * * * * /usr/bin/python ...

You should have:
* * * * * mailman /usr/bin/python ...

(for the user mailman) if you're using a /etc/cron.d file. It seems that
this fact is not listed in the crontab(5) man page of Mandrake, and only
hinted in the crontab(8) page.

Hopefully the rpm maintainer will fix that...

So things seem to work pretty well. No I'm left with some lesser

* How do I make pipermail archive messages of, say, iso-8859-8-i charset
not as quoted-printable?

* Is there any way for a moderator to approve messages by mail? I hate web
authentication, and I consider (at least in my local settings) email-based
authentication to be more secure and easier to use.

Tzafrir Cohen
mailto:tzafrir at technion.ac.il

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