[Mailman-Users] How do I make a list 'moderator post only'

Anna Fong anna at water.ca.gov
Wed Apr 11 19:02:11 CEST 2001

I also am interested in setting up my list as a 'moderator post only' list.
The option mentioned by Jesse doesn't seem to exist in Mailman 1.1

Am I missing something or is there a way to do this in Mailman 1.1?  (I can
restrict to members only but not to key email addresses under Privacy


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On 08:35 PM 4/9/01, Jesse Kornblum wrote:
 >I'm trying to set up an announcements list, similar to mailman-announce in
 >that I should be the only person posting to the list. Is there a way to do
 >without having to manually reject every post by every other person? (e.g.
 >An option to 'restrict posts to list owner'?)

Someone else previously posted this answer (when this same question was 
asked a few days ago):

	Just limit the postings to key e-mails, and not subscribers
	in the options pages. The restricted posting access will
	make it "announce only."

This seems to be a Frequently Asked Question.  Is there a FAQ for this 
list?  The Mailman FAQs at lists.org do not cover the questions that seem 
to be frequently asked on this list.  This also is a frequent reason people 
setup mailing lists.  Why isn't this better covered in the software 
documentation?  (Why isn't the software's documentation available anywhere 
online????  I can't find it at lists.org, I'm told that it's in the readme 
files, so you can't read the documentation until AFTER you download and 
unpack the source code!)  Can the next software release include a blurb 
that is specifically about setting up "announcement only" lists?  I'd be 
happy to do the writing if I could be assured it gets added to the 



Anna Q. Fong, Webmaster	
California Data Exchange Center	

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