[Mailman-Users] subscription hiding

KevinL darius at wobbly.bofh.net.au
Tue Apr 17 05:04:26 CEST 2001

Hi all,

I've had a request from someone I'm hosting a privacy-related list for, to 
disable the '/options/<listname>/<username>' functionality, or to at least 
make it such that people can't "probe" for addresses.  At the moment, I can 
tell whether a given address is or is not subscribed to the list by trying 
that url and seeing if I get a request for a password, or if I get a "user 
does not exist".  That seems mildly buggy - shouldn't it ask for a password 
regardless, and simply always fail if the user does not exist?  How would I go 
about changing the behaviour here? (any pointers to relevant sections of code 
to get me started appreciated, if that's what it takes)

Internet techie, Obsidian Consulting Group
Specialising in proxy issues and traffic measuring/billing.

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