[Mailman-Users] Footer text not attached to messages

Neil Cooler ncooler at nandomedia.com
Tue Apr 17 15:42:43 CEST 2001

The footer is there, you just cant see it.

The footer is put after the closing html tag:

text of your email
your footer

Your footer is ignored by the mail client because it is not within the
html tags.


On 17 Apr 2001 15:07:43 +0200, Rob Gould wrote:
> Hi all...I am doing some testing of my Mailman setup and have noticed that
> the footer information only appears if the message is sent out in Plain Text
> format (using OE5).  Does Mailman only handle text mails and not HTML
> formatted mail?  Or is there a way to get the footer info onto a HTML mail?
> Thanks.
> Rob
> grobin at nn.independent.co.za
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