[Mailman-Users] admin and lockfile problems

josh koenig joshk at grawk.net
Wed Apr 18 06:28:29 CEST 2001

>     jk> First of all, whenever I try to use /admin/listname I get a
>     jk> generic 500 script error. The web log reports "premature end
>     jk> of script headers" I know this isn't a permissions problem as
>     jk> check_perms gives me an all clear.
> Are you using Apache?  Do you see no Python tracebacks in either your
> Apache error_log file or any of the Mailman log files?  Somewhere,
> somehow, you're likely getting an uncaught exception some place and
> that's gotta leave a trace...

That's what's so baffling. The apache error log gives me the useless
"premature end of script headers" and nothing comes up in the mailman or
syslogs. I'll keep looking, though....


Josh Koenig (joshk at grawk.net)
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