[Mailman-Users] Windo$ OUTLOOK and pipermail threading

Bruno Postle bruno at postle.net
Wed Apr 18 20:09:36 CEST 2001

On Wed 18-Apr-2001 at 05:32:42PM +0300, Frank.Heckes at nokia.com wrote:

> If you use Microsoft as a MUA mail which getting archived by
> `pipermail´ won't be threaded correctly. I.e. if you reply on a mail
> sent with 'help' of OUTLOOK a new thread will be created. Does anyone
> have a solution for this. (I'm running mailman-2.0.2; python 1.5.3,
> sendmail 8.8.6) Thanks in advance for any hints.

Threaded mail readers like pipermail use 'References:' or 'In-Reply-To:'
headers in the email to figure out the threads, not 'Subject:'.

AFAIK outlook *does* create 'References:' headers even if it doesn't use
them. Probably your user's mailserver is stripping them out before they
get anywhere near mailman - ms exchange is your likely culprit here.


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