[Mailman-Users] posting filters query

Jason Wright peewee at scc.mi.org
Sat Apr 21 02:43:48 CEST 2001


i'm running internal lists for my company on mailman 2.0.4 with python 2.0
under solaris 7.  say that our domain name is example.com.

i'm trying to set things up so that *@example.com can post to the lists but
all other addresses are held for approval as explained here:


teo de hesselle responded, suggesting using a regex:


neither post says exactly which configuration option that regex should go in,
but it seems to me that 'posters' is the correct place.  if i use the

	moderated = 0
	member_posting_only = 1
	posters = ['.*@example\\.com']

and post from jwright at example.com, an address which is not subscribed to the
list, the post is held for approval.

if i change 'posters' to

	posters = ['.*@example\\.com', 'jwright at example.com']

then posts from jwright at example.com go through, so it seems that 'posters' 
doesn't accept regular expressions.

am i tweaking the wrong settings?



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