[Mailman-Users] How to unsubscribe users in a group?

David Ball dball at wcom.ca
Sun Apr 22 17:12:04 CEST 2001

	Hi Susan.  If you're the list administrator, you should be able to
enter the administrative interface
(http://some.url.com/mailman/admin/listname), select the Membership
Management, then just remove the checkmark from any users wishing to be
unsubscribed.  That same page allows you to mass subscribe multiple users.
	If you're not the list admin, they should be able to send email to
listname-request at domain.com and include the following in the body for
multiple unsubscribes (though I have yet to try it)...

unsubscribe password-here emailaddress1
unsubscribe password-here emailaddress2

	The admin interface is much easier, of course.  :)  For more
commands, I'd recommend them sending email to listname-request at domain.com
and simply put the word   help    in the body.
	Hope that helps

On Sun, 22 Apr 2001, S. C. Druding wrote:

> I use Mailman with a group of users who are very un-techy and they simply 
> cannot figure out how to unsubscribe themselves so I often do it for them. 
> When I have a list of 12-15 to drop it takes forever using the Web page and 
> doing it one-at-a-time.
> Is there any way to email in a group drop for a  short list or in any way 
> do UNsubs the way you can do a group of new Subs?
> Thanks,
> Susan
> Susan Druding
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