[Mailman-Users] how do you block someone from a list?

Dan Lowe dan at tangledhelix.com
Tue Apr 24 07:49:37 CEST 2001

Previously, David L. Nicol said:
> how do you block someone from a mailman list?
> We want to prevent them from subscribing a particular
> address.  Is this functionality in there already?

It's not there today.

I've solved this in the past by doing the following:

1. Edit the public HTML so that the "send me my forgotten password"
function is missing (note that this isn't an option for every list;
depends if you're willing to sacrifice that function to achieve the

2. If the user is on the list, remove and re-add them with a password
they don't know.

3. Set the flags on that address to "hide" and "nomail".

Basically what this does is leave them subscribed, receiving no mail,
hidden on the user list, with a password they don't know and can't get
sent to them.

It's imperfect, and someone clever enough could still get Mailman to send
the password, but if you're trying to defend yourself against someone with
that skill level it's going to be difficult.


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