[Mailman-Users] Problems With Users in Other Domain

Michelle Murrain mpm at norwottuck.com
Thu Apr 26 14:12:17 CEST 2001

On Thursday 26 April 2001 07:25 am, Tercio Eulalio de A. Fonseca wrote:
> Hi All,
>     I am new with mailman too and I am having the following problem:
>     - I created a list called EXAMPLE in lists.mydomain.com.br with 6
> members, 5 of them in my own domain and other in otherdomain.com.br.
>     - The person outside my domain receive a error message that there
> isn't a mailbox called listname at emailserver.mydomain.com.br
>      I am using qmail with virtual domain to the mailman domain
> lists.mydomain.com.br.
>     Anyone could help me ?
This sounds like a qmail set up issue, which I am not familiar with. But it 
also might be an issue of whether or not the domain 
emailserver.mydomain.com.br is in your hosts table. Also, you said  
"lists.mydomain.com.br", then "emailserver.mydomain.com.br", then later again 
"lists.mydomain.com.br" So which is it? Is it possible that in Mailman you've 
set the domain to be "emailserver" but in qmail, or in your hosts table you 
have "lists"? In that case, I'm sure that qmail (and everything else) would 

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