[Mailman-Users] problems with postfix mailman and suse linux Addendum

Yogesh Bhanu yogesh at janus.gsf.de
Thu Apr 26 15:51:16 CEST 2001

Hi all,

	This is an addendum to my earlier posting ...
I have put th post errors ..

Apr 26 17:54:00 2001 (3742) post to bongo from bongo-admin at mips-mail.gsf.de, size=381, 1 failures
Apr 26 17:54:01 2001 (3742) post to bongo from yogesh at janus.gsf.de, size=151, 4 failures
Apr 26 17:54:01 2001 (3742) post to sje from mailman-owner at mips-mail.gsf.de, size=1312, 1 failures

I dont know what the error means ...
by the way postfix is hand compiled v 2.03 and postfix is default that came with
suse distribution

thanks in advance 

 Hi all,
 	I have a peculiar problem I have setup suse 7.1 box to 
 be our mailing list server I am using postfix to send and recieve mail.
 Now Iam  able to send mails from the list but when I try replying 
 It doesnot work looks like the mail goes into a bit bucket any pointers 
 but when I try sending the mail to users on this server it works . 
 I have checked  the crontab entries and tehey are all made.
 Can anyone point me in the right direction ..
 I 'm pretty new to mailman.

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