[Mailman-Users] Missing mail

Louiza louiza at home.com
Mon Apr 30 21:31:32 CEST 2001


I am a new user of Mailman and have never used software like this for 
my lists, as my only experience has been using OneList and eGroups. 
So please forgive my questions, if they seem too elementary. <g>

I have three questions at the moment:

1. It's only been a week since I set up my former eGroups list with 
Mailman on my server, and some members are experiencing missing 
posts. I haven't a clue what to look for to solve this problem, other 
than checking their subscription settings, of course, and dealing 
with any bounce notices (which have been scarce). Is there something 
else that I can do?

2. Is there any way that I can set up a search engine for the 
Archives, so that members can search them for specific subjects or 

3. Is there any way to shorten the length of the URL to the list's 
information page?

Thanks for your help,


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