[Mailman-Users] 40 connections open

Louiza louiza at home.com
Wed Aug 1 16:32:34 CEST 2001


I'm back. :) I have a new web host who has never used Mailman before, 
however, the tech support people are working hard to make things run 
smoothly. I just administer my lists, so I don't have access to logs 
or anything like that, but I can talk directly to a tech person.

We've been having some problems with the posts being delayed in 
delivery for four to five hours and sometimes, members don't get the 
mail from the list for a day. In troubleshooting this, the tech guy 
said one problem that was happening was with the ISP of 
bellsouth.net, who opened up 40 connections and left them open, 
thereby causing a drain on the mail server. Does this make sense to 

Anyone have suggestions on what to check or do that would relate to 
this problem of mail delivery being delayed? The tech guy was certain 
it is a Mailman problem. He's running 2.0.5. My discussion list, 
while small in number of members (200) is quite active at times.



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