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Greg Ward gward at mems-exchange.org
Thu Aug 2 22:56:57 CEST 2001

On 02 August 2001, Chris Mason said:
> We've had so many cases of virus infections spread by our mailing list that
> we would like to totally ban all email that have attachments of our list. We
> don't care if it causes some messages to be rejected, the other alternative
> is to shut the list down entirely.
> Is there a way to do this with mailman, I can't find anything.

If Mailman won't do it (it does sound like a useful option), you might
be able to do it with your MTA.  We use Exim, and its filtering
capability is the bee's knees.  We have a system filter that bounces
anything with executable-looking content, executable attachments, or a
couple of other known virus signatures.  It has bounced 10 or 15
instances of the Sircam worm alone in the last day or two.

We have it setup to bounce worms to *any* address, but you could
probably write a filter to bounce any mail with attachments to specific
addresses -- although I bet the former is preferable!

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