[Mailman-Users] Mailman sending duplicate msgs

Frank Goossens fgoossens at reference.be
Tue Aug 7 22:02:11 CEST 2001

evening rene;
have you configured mailman to use sendmail.py or smtpdirect.py? we have had
duplicate msgs as well when using sendmail.py on a mailing list with +7000
subscribers..? tests seem to show that that problem does not occur when
using smtpdirect.py (this still has to be confirmed by futher testing and
ultimately by the real newsletter going out again though)..


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Hi folks,

I've got a problem where mailman is sending duplicate email's
out to the list.  Obviously this is pissing off the list memebers.

My current theory as to why it's happening is that
QRUNNER_LOCK_LIFETIME was set too low.  I'd dropped it down
to 30 minutes after I changed Sendmail's delivery mode to
'background'.  That causes Sendmail to accept the messages
from Mailman extremely quickly so 30 minutes was plenty.  However,
it was pointed out to me that using the delivery mode 'background'
disabled all of the referer checks on the mailbox, so I had to
cut that out.  That caused the performance of qrunner to degrade
and it takes a lot longer for the list to go out now.  Still
acceptable performance though.

Anyhow, I'm guessing that the qrunner's lock is being
broken and that the next invocation of qrunner starts sending
the messages to everybody all over again.  Does that sound
plausible to you folks on the list?  I just put the lock lifetime
back to 10 hours, a lot longer than it takes qrunner to process
the list.  Hopefully the next run of the list will go smoothly.
If anybody has other suggestions as to what could cause this
behavior, I'd appreciate hearing of them.


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