[Mailman-Users] edit moderated messages?

Thomas M. Parris parris at isciences.com
Thu Aug 9 22:46:50 CEST 2001


I am migrating a set of lists from CREN's listproc to mailman.  So far, I am
very impressed with mailman and have had no problems installing it
(mailman-2.0.6) onto a RedHat 7.1 server with sendmail as the MTA.  My
heartfelt thanks to the mailman team for putting together such a fine

However, there is one important feature from listproc that I am unable to
replicate with mailman, the ability for list moderators to edit messages as
part of the approval process.  I can edit the message on the approval form,
but the message is sent to the list without edits.

I have checked the FAQ, the wish list, and the archives.  I see some
discussion of this as a "wish" in the developers list during 1999, and one
or two messages in the last year or so on the users list.  However, I see no
indication that this feature has been implemented, or is being considered
for implementation.

For my application, the moderator must eb able to edit subject lines and the
content of messages.

1. Am I blind?  If so, I would be most grateful of someone could point me to
some information about how to do this.

2. If it is not possible using the approval form, can someone suggest a
work-around that would not be too cumbersome for a moderator that must
approve/edit approximately 20-50 messages per day?

With best regards,
Tom Parris
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