[Mailman-Users] list archives

Dan Mick dan.mick at west.sun.com
Wed Aug 8 21:11:54 CEST 2001

Albert Medina wrote:
> Please, how can i eraser de lists archives?, or how
> can i eraser a part of de lists archives?.

bin/arch will regenerate archives from the .mbox file, so

1) back up everything in case you make a mistake
2) remove the archives
3) edit the mbox file to remove the undesired messages
4) use bin/arch to regenerate the file

See instructions at the beginning of bin/arch (it's Python source,
but it has comments).

This is a permanent modification, so pay attention to step 1.
Also, it can run pretty slowly because of locking and unlocking the
mailing list database for each archived message, so consider doing it
during a slow period and/or disabling your list while it's happening so 
as not to cause a lot of long lock waits.

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