[Mailman-Users] Identifying Who the Subscriber is when Receiving a Message

David Farrar david.farrar at parliament.govt.nz
Tue Aug 14 09:47:50 CEST 2001

Click on Privacy Options.

The bottom option is "Hide sender of message".  If this is "No" then
each message will show who sent it.  If you set this to "Yes" then it
will just show a generic admin address as the sender.

To have replies go to all list recipients instead of just the sender go
to General Options and go to the setting called "Where are replies to
list messages directed".  Set this to "This List".

Note that if you set replies to the list you should make sure all
members know this is the case.  It can be very bad when a reply someone
thought was going to the sender only goes to the entire list.


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> As a new user of Mailman I am somewhat struggling with all of the
> variables in setting up the Mailman settings.
> The area of concern is disclosing to the receipiant of the email who
> is
> the originator of the message and yet ensure that the REPLY to is the
> subscribers of the LIST.
> any help would be appreicated.
> thanks
> roderick bley
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