[Mailman-Users] Eudora Redirects to Moderated list

Brian Friday bfriday at lasierra.edu
Tue Aug 14 19:31:16 CEST 2001

Hello All,

I've done searches all over the python search engine trying to track this
down with no success.

Here is my problem,

	running 2.0.5 mailman
	Apache 1.3.20
	Postfix stable

Our PR department wants to have a mailing list that they can just send
announcements to. While I've got this list setup, often they receive
messages from other campus entities that they use the Eudora "redirect"
feature to bounce to the list.

It appears no matter what I try the messages are being held at the list
for moderator approval regardless of the fact they are redirected by
pr at lasierra.edu which is listed as a member from who has implicit approval
to submit messages and not be held.

As normal messages sent not redirected from the pr department go through
and as this feature appears (according to the list archives) to have been
supported since version 1 or earlier I'm really at a loss.

Can any kind so either direct me to a readme/list message I may have
missed or give counsel on if this is possible or how to do this?

Thanks for the help, I apologize if this is a bone head question.


Brian Friday
Systems Administrator
La Sierra University
(909) 785-2554 x2

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