[Mailman-Users] autoreply loops, Mailman 1.1

Markus Mohr m.mohr at johalla.de
Wed Aug 15 11:58:53 CEST 2001


I'm running Mailman 1.1 on Debian/Potatoe and had the following problem:

The list is a discussion list and so is set to reply-to list. One of the
subscribers has set up an auto-responder which created a mail loop. Ok,
one fault on his side was to not configure this autoresponder, but there
is another thing which looks strange to me: the answers from the
responder included:

X-Autoreply-From: <his mailaddress>
Precedence: bulk
X-BeenThere: <mailinglist address>

If I understood correctly each of this lines should have stopped mailman
from resending his answer to the list!? It didn't though and so created
a lot of unwanted mails. :(
I couldn't find a trigger in the configuration to change this behaviour.

thanks for your help

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