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Frank Goossens fgoossens at reference.be
Sat Aug 18 12:13:47 CEST 2001

hi paul;
we have been using an older version of mailman for two lists of approx. 3000
subscribers. we recently deployed mailman 2.0.x for a big customer of ours,
that has one list with 7000+ subscribers. we had some problems for that
larger list, but after some research we found out they were
configuration-related. the tendency seems to be not to use sendmail (but eg.
postfix, exim, ..). if you do use sendmail, configure mailman to use
smtpdirect.py and not (i repeat not) sendmail.py.

i also found some people on the list mentioning 20000+ subscribers, so..

good luck,

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Hi there,

I am looking for a mailing list to handle 900 subscribers for a friend
(hopefully this will rise to approx 5,000).

He reports that other lists he has tried work OK up to around 400 - 500
then start falling over.

Is mailman suitable for the job ?


Paul Phippin.

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