[Mailman-Users] Exim, Mailman, Lag (Not DNS)

Talk to the switch, 'cause the router ain't listening. cra at bigfatpipe.net
Mon Aug 20 07:08:42 CEST 2001

Greetings.  We've got Mailman installed over Exim, and the setup was
amazingly pain free.

However, we're now having some lag problems.  We also have Majordomo
running on this same server, with no lag issues.  Here's what I'm finding
for _all_ Mailman lists on our system.

A message arrives at the list server, exim hands it off to list_transport:

; Aug 16 15:49:40 diverter exim[8550]: 2001-08-16 15:49:40 15XVxK-0002Dt-00
;   => a_list <a_list at lists.bigfatpipe.net> D=list_director T=list_transport

Up to 30 minutes later (less in this example), Mailman records that it has
a post and starts processing.

; Aug 16 16:04:11 2001 (8653) post to cabal from an_address at the.net,
;   size=186, success

Mailman then hands the message back to Exim for delivery, usually within

So... the lag is consistently showing up between list_transport and
Mailman seeing that a post is waiting.  I expect this is in the qrunner
architecture somewhere, but I'm not familliar enough with python to
recognize what I'm looking at in the code.

Has anyone run into this issue, or have any ideas?


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