[Mailman-Users] Remove users?

Enriko Groen enriko.groen at netivity.nl
Mon Aug 20 10:07:00 CEST 2001

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> From: linux [mailto:linux at hipertek.net]
> Please help me to remove specific users in a list of mailman.
> How to work remove_members? please send me  an example

You can find the syntax when you run remove_members without any parameters.

animal# bin/remove_members
Remove members from a list.

    remove_members [options] listname [addr1 ...]


    -f file
        Remove member addresses found in the given file.  If file is
        `-', read stdin.

        Remove all members of the mailing list.

        Print this help message and exit.

    listname is the name of the mailing list to use.

    addr1 ... are additional addresses to remove.

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