[Mailman-Users] Content of welcome message

Ben Burnett benwa at ocentrix.com
Thu Aug 23 10:47:21 CEST 2001

At 03:52 AM 8/23/01 +0200, Gunnar Anzinger wrote:
>I have disabled digest mode and monthly password reminders for my
>mailinglist in the administrative interface, but the welcome message which
>is sent to new subscribers still refers to these features. How can I
>correct this?

The text of the default welcome message cannot be customized per list in 
any version Pre 2.1.  You can however customize it for the whole site by 
changing the file $prefix/templates/subscribeack.txt.  There are however 
quite a few places that make mention of the digest, and monthly password 
reminders.  I made similar modifications to my lists and ended up 
obfuscating the user option page altogether.  Below is a list of all of the 
stuff that I did to make this happen.

         -Changed the default 'listinfo' template to remove the
         link to the user options page.  Also added some html and
         javascript to allow a password to be sent to a subscriber
         from this page.

         -Hacked the script 'HTMLFormatter.py' to expand the token
         <MM-Handle-Opts-Url> into a url for the handle_opts script.
         (this is used for the password reminder button on the
         listinfo page.)

         -Changed the default 'subscriback.txt' (welcome email message),
         'help.txt' (email command instructions), 'userpass.txt' (user
         solicited password reminder), and 'cronpass.txt' (automatic
         password reminder) templates to compensate for the obfuscation
         of the user page by removing any reference to this page. Also
         removed all references to digests, roster and posting to the list.

         -Changed the template 'verify.txt' to make it easier to
         understand that all you have to do is reply to the email.
         Also removed the part that tells you who submitted the
         subscription request.

         -Changed the script 'handle_opts.py' to create a link to the
         main listinfo page instead of the handle_opts page when
         asking for a password reminder. (or performing any other user
         option change)

This all amounts to a lot of modification, that I'm finding is a bit of a 
hassle, especially when it comes to upgrading and patching, but that's what 
the client wanted.  If you'd like me to share the code I will, but at this 
point I can only give you a diff between my version and 2.0.3.  This diff 
also contains other changes that I've made.  If you wait a while (days?) I 
can probably get you a diff against 2.0.6.  Let me know if you're interested.

Good luck,

- Ben

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