[Mailman-Users] Private archive: authentication success/view fail

Brian Elliott Finley brian at thefinleys.com
Fri Aug 24 06:52:25 CEST 2001

Thus spake Robert Crosbie (bobb+mailman-users at redbrick.dcu.ie):

> Brian Elliott Finley hath declared on Thursday the 23 day of August 2001  :-:
> > I have a list setup with a private archive.  When I try to access the
> > archives, I log in successfully and am presented with the expected view
> > of archives by month.  But when I click on one of the "View by:" links,
> > I'm taken back to the authentication screen.
> > 
> > How do I resolve this?
> This sounds like you need to turn on cookies in your browser,
> as the authentication screen suggests.
> - bobb

Thanks for the response, Bobb.  It does sound like a cookies issue, but
I do have cookies enabled in my browser.  I even tried two different
browsers (Opera and Mozilla) with the same result.

Do you have other suggestions that I could try?


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