[Mailman-Users] Re: MHonArc/Mailman integration

Andrea Lambardi alambardi at itsyandy.net
Mon Aug 27 11:51:37 CEST 2001


"Thierry Jacquemart" <thierry.jacquemart at s1.com> wrote:

> [...]

> That should do it (it did for me anyway). I noticed that the
> e-mail/password authentication for private archives doesn't work, but
>  as I don't need it for the moment I didn't investigate further ;-)

With the same configuration, authentication for private archives works
for me as long as those are located in the default directory
$HOME/archives/private/%(listname)s and as long as they are first
initialized using the standard Pipermail archiving (sending out the
first message to the list). That could mean a pain if I often had to add
 new lists with private archives, but seems to work.

Hope this helps for further investigations ;-)

- Andrea Lambardi <alambardi at itsyandy.net>

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