[Mailman-Users] archive search, footer, change variables, overquoting.

Rob Lingelbach rob at emsh.calarts.edu
Mon Aug 27 21:03:56 CEST 2001

I'm quite happy to find Mailman in such a state of advancement;
I'm migrating from SmartList after many years of customizing that
package for a few lists.

I'd prefer to find the answers to these questions I have in the
mailman-users archives, but don't see a search facility.  Which
leads me to: has anyone incorporated a search engine into their
list archives?  I used to use excite! with SmartList/MHonArc but 
wanted to switch to webglimpse or similar.

A very simple question: where may I change the text in the footer
on messages via the list, and what method might I use to change
the value of the list's variables, without using the [extremely
well-done] web interface?

Has anyone incorporated an [admittedly always less-than-perfect] 
'overquoting' filter? 

thank you.
Rob Lingelbach                                   rob at film.calarts.edu
System Administrator                             rob at alegria.com
Computer Animation Lab                           
California Institute of the Arts                 TIG admin/colorist

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