[Mailman-Users] Digest Problems

Dan Mick dmick at utopia.West.Sun.COM
Wed Aug 29 01:05:31 CEST 2001

> "Ricardo F. Kustner" wrote:
> > This is just a wild guess... but did somebody recently edit the list
> > templates or the digest footer info on the admin page? I remember getting
> > errors once while I had some misformed template variables in one of the
> > templates... so might want to have a look in either place...
>     Yeap.  That's what it was.  However, this now brings me to my next
> question:  Which characters are trouble characters?  As in, which ones needs
> to be escaped?  % ?  ! ?

See "details" for footer (or header):

msg_footer (nondigest): Footer added to mail sent to regular list members

Text appended to the bottom of every immediately-delivery message. This text can 
include %(attribute)s format strings which
are resolved against the list's attributes. For details, see Python's string 
formatting rules. Some useful attributes are: 

      real_name - The `pretty' name of the list; usually the list name with 
      _internal_name - The name by which the list is identified in URLs, where 
case is significant. 
      host_name - The fully qualified domain name that the list server runs on. 
      web_page_url - The base URL for Mailman. This can be appended with, e.g. 
listinfo/%(_internal_name)s to yield the listinfo
      page for the mailing list. 
      description - The brief description of the mailing list. 
      info - The full description of the mailing list. 

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