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Wed Aug 29 18:44:33 CEST 2001

Having done similar stuff in PHP, it is most certainly a permissions 
problem, the best way to debug it is to dump STDERR so you can see 
where it's dying.

One work around is to add the user your web server runs as to the 
mailman group.  But do not do that unless you fully understand and 
are comfortable with the security implications of doing so.  Of 
course, if you fully understand them, you probably won't be 

	- H

>On Wed, 29 Aug 2001 08:15:47 -0400
>"Brian Barbour" <bbarbour at gcts.edu> wrote:
>>  I am attempting to use a Perl CGI script to add members to my mailman
>>  lists, but the script will not execute the add_members command, it just
>>  seems to skip over it.  I also had similar problems when attempting to
>>  execute mailman scripts from within UNIX shell scripts.  Any
>>  suggestions?
>This is probably related to permission problems... the scripts need to be
>executed as user 'mailman'... you'll probably have to use suidperl.


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