[Mailman-Users] Possible CGI gid problem - but with just one script?

Chris Searle chris at longship.org
Wed Aug 29 11:50:46 CEST 2001


I've just installed mailman 2.0.6 - and everything seems to work
except for the admin cgi script - and only when a list name is passed
to the admin script.

I get internal server error and the httpd log says premature end of
script headers.

I have configured with --with-cgi-gid=48 where 48 is the gid of the
apache group, and all other scripts work fine.

check_perms gives no errors
check_db listname gives no errors

So - I can do everything except http://server/mailman/admin/listname

What may be of interest is that mailman is installed into the
webserver inside a virtual host that uses a perl/ticket (cookie based
login access) system. I also had to add

DEFAULT_URL         = 'http://virtual.host.name/mailman/'

in the mm_cfg.py file. (the DEFAULT_HOST_NAME is set to 'host.name' -
that's correct for the mail - user at host.name, but the web interface
has to be within virtual.host.name - it's a CNAME for the same

I'm no python coder - and I've no idea where to go next - any ideas?


Chris Searle

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