[Mailman-Users] MM FAQ/Sendmail question...

Chuq Von Rospach chuqui at plaidworks.com
Thu Dec 6 19:40:21 CET 2001

On 12/6/01 9:36 AM, "J C Lawrence" <claw at kanga.nu> wrote:

> you are committed to running sendmail, Chuq von Rospach posted
> details of the required configs to the -developers list (Q2 this
> year IIRC) with the comment that enabling them also turned off
> various SPAM controls in sendmail.  YMMV.

Here's one:


And here's the one with the implementation details:


Ah. Found the link with my math on what VERP/customization does:


And I'll stick this somewhere so I don't lose it again, write it up and get
it into the FAQ. Hopefully soon.

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