[Mailman-Users] Archive & User Adresses

udo.wolter at charite.de udo.wolter at charite.de
Fri Dec 7 14:25:16 CET 2001

Hi !

We're using mailman (version 2.0.5 at the moment) and have some problems 
with the archives. When there is a list called test, a lot of mails 
standing in the archive not with their own email address but with the 
list-adress itself (test at foo.de). I'd like to have it that way, that every 
thread is shown with the real address of the user (name at foo.de). I haven't 
found any options in the configuration tools (the web interface) for it, 
maybe it's configured during compile time ?

BTW, the emails itself are correct. When I can see an email from a user it 
never comes from test at foo.de. Only the archive is my problem.
Can anyone help me ?

Thank you !


Udo Wolter, Tel.: +49 30 450 570037
Charité, med. Fakultät d. HU Berlin
Berlin, Germany
Email: udo.wolter at charite.de

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