Rodolfo Pilas rodolfo at linux.org.uy
Fri Dec 14 14:39:56 CET 2001

I use MM 2.1a3 with Python 2.0

I have MAILMAN_SITE_LIST='mailman' in my $prefix/Mailman/Default.py in
accordance to the item 4 of the INSTALL document:

      Create a "site-wide" mailing list.  This is the one that
      password reminders will appear to come from.  Usually this
      should be the "mailman" mailing list, but if you need to change
      this, be sure to change the MAILMAN_SITE_LIST variable in
      mm_cfg.py (see below).

I also have  DEFAULT_HOST_NAME='mysite.net' in my

But the list is showed as   mailman at www.mysite.net  (whit "www")
additionally, when I create a new list the host_name by default is
showed as www.mysite.net (of course, I chage it to mysite.net).

I see this problem since I upgraded from 2.1a2 to 2.1a3.

Can you tell me how to have  mailman at mysite.net  (without "www") and a
default host_name  "mysite.net"  again?

Thank you.


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