[Mailman-Users] problem trying to delete a mail-list in Cpanel, please help!

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Wed Dec 19 22:12:59 CET 2001

Dude,  The only one who can help you is the sysadmin of the server.  Talk to
the IT people or support folks at the ISP.

We're not being rude, we just can't help you.
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  Subject: [Mailman-Users] problem trying to delete a mail-list in Cpanel,
please help!

  Hi all,
  My host provider preinstalled Mailman with CPanel/WHM server controller,
I'm a newbie so I did this mistake: I have tried to create a mailing list,
so I have used 'pop-page' as the list name. I have noticed since I did that
I can't receive any e-mail sent to pop-page at pop-page.net, which is the main
pop account of my site. I think the cause of this is that
pop-page at pop-page.net is now being used by the mailing list. So I've tried
to delete the list, but I can't. I get this message:
  List Deleted
  The list pop-page at pop-page.net was successfully deleted.
  Remove the components of a mailing list with impunity - beware!

  This removes (almost) all traces of a mailing list.  By default, the lists
  archives are not removed, which is very handy for retiring old lists.

      rmlist [-a] [-h] listname

          remove the lists archives too

          print this help message and exit

  List does not exist: "poppage_pop-page.net"

  Although in the line it says 'the list was successfully deleted' when I go
back to the mailing list maintenance, the list is still there. I think it
can't be deleted because it's my main pop account, but, at the same time, I
can't use this account because it's used by the mailing list!, so could you
help me, please? I want to delete the mailing list in order to use the pop
  Thanks in advance

  Kind regards,

  Antonio J. Martinez
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