[Mailman-Users] Problems with undeliverable mail

Michelle Brownsworth michelle at primelogic.com
Thu Dec 27 23:06:53 CET 2001

My mailhost is chugging away, trying over and over to deliver to a 
large batch of addresses with a .gov domain that doesn't resolve; 
this particular .gov nameserver is obviously having problems.  And 
it's not from the sendmail's mail queue; /var/spool/mqueue/ is 
completely empty.  It's Mailman reattempting to send to the problem 
addresses.   So what can I do about this?  Is there a way to force 
mailman to skip the problem recipients for this go-round, without 
having to modify hundreds of individual member configurations?  That 
would be a gawd-awful thrash, and besides, the .gov DNS problems are 
likely temporary.  How and where does Mailman keep track of the 
messages to be reattempted?  Can I clear out some files from a 
directory or something?  To complicate matters, I don't think that 
the 1800-member list has been processed entirely, so some members 
with kosher addresses haven't yet received their newsletter.  The 
client is demanding to know what kind of bogus mailing list software 
we're running, he never had this kind of problem with Majordomo, 
etc., etc.  Bah!

Michelle Brownsworth
System Administrator
PrimeLogic Corporation

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