[Mailman-Users] Duplicate messages to users

Niclas Andersson nican at nsc.liu.se
Sat Feb 3 20:48:01 CET 2001

How do I avoid duplicate messages to users when sending to an umbrella list?

I've made announcement lists for different computational resources we have at
our site. My intention is that the users should subscribe to the list that
match the resource he/she is using. Moreover, I have an umbrella list which has
every resource maillist as a subscriber. If I now send a general announcement
to the umbrella list, a user that has subscribed to several maillists get one
message for each list. This is not very nice.

Since all list are maintained in one single mail/www host, there should be a
possiblility of joining all users before sending the message, avoiding sending
duplicate messages to a user. Earlier, when I used majordomo, it was easy to
construct a mailalias that contained all lists and let sendmail remove the
duplicate e-mail addresses. Is there any possibility to do a similar thing in

	nican at nsc.liu.se

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