[Mailman-Users] Problem with mail address

Omar Walid Llorente omar at dit.upm.es
Tue Feb 6 19:22:58 CET 2001

	Hi, one of my lists admins had put on the Membership
Management Section an incorrect mail address. Exactly what
he put is:
basanez at ioc.upc.es "luis
and that is what shows the Membership page.

	As far as i know this could modify the mailman behaviour
(version i'm using is 1.1) because the " char. So i need two

	1. Learn to modify the config.db database to correct the
address (is impossible to unsubscribe this user through the
normal method). Only appear first 3 of the 7 radial buttons
(subscr, hide, nomail, ack, not metoo, digest, plain).
	2. Know if this incorrect address may cause any list
disfunction (other than being not able to include the correct
mail address in the list, though when you try to subscribe this
user appears the message: Successfully Subscribed:
basanez at ioc.upc.es).

	Thanks a lot.


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