[Mailman-Users] Problem with mail address

Omar Walid Llorente omar at dit.upm.es
Wed Feb 7 17:04:10 CET 2001

:At 19:22 +0100 2/6/01, Omar Walid Llorente wrote:
:>       Hi, one of my lists admins had put on the Membership
:>Management Section an incorrect mail address. Exactly what
:>he put is:
:>basanez at ioc.upc.es "luis
:>and that is what shows the Membership page.
:>       As far as i know this could modify the mailman behaviour
:>(version i'm using is 1.1) because the " char. So i need two
:>       1. Learn to modify the config.db database to correct the
:>address (is impossible to unsubscribe this user through the
:>normal method). Only appear first 3 of the 7 radial buttons
:>(subscr, hide, nomail, ack, not metoo, digest, plain).
:Well, the first checkbox is the subscr checkbox, which you say
:is present...uncheck that and submit changes and the subscriber
:*may* be removed.  On the other hand, the spaces and quote may
:prevent it. Or Mailman 1.1 may not work that way.

	Yes, the first checkbox is present, but unchecked.

:Are you saying you tried that and it failed?  Here, in a test
:list I haven't gotten around to deleting (yet), I was able to
:add the above faulty address.  It showed up without the
:' "luis' and I was able to delete it fine by unchecking subscr
:for the member and submitting changes.  Perhaps I didn't make
:the same error.

	Sorry, what i meant was that what the membership page
shows is:
basanez at ioc.upc.es "luis
not that this was the string the admin entered, because the
actual string introduced by the admin was:
basanez at ioc.upc.es "luis basañez"

	Notice the "ñ" char in the string introduced... The ascii
code of the "ñ" is decimal 241.

	I have been able to reproduce the error so i have now two
lists with this problem...

	Thanks for your help.

:Perhaps Mailman 2.0 deals with the bad address better (I've
:never run 1.1).
:  --John
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