[Mailman-Users] Redhat 7.0 and Mailman

Gregory Leblanc gleblanc at cu-portland.edu
Fri Feb 9 17:36:24 CET 2001

On 09 Feb 2001 20:25:28 +0530, Satya wrote:
> On Feb 9, 2001 at 06:39, Travis Llewellyn wrote:
> >One thing that some of you running Redhat 7.0 may want to look at when
> >compiling Mailman is setting CC to kgcc instead of gcc. When I compile
> >mailman with gcc that is included with Redhat 7.0 it had quite a few errors.
> >When compiled with kgcc (Which is included with RH 7) no errors or warnings
> >were reported.
> The gcc shipped with RH 7 is supposed to be broken. The 'special' kernel
> gcc (kgcc) is not broken. On RH7, gcc itself will compile everything, but
> for kernel compiles it won't work, you need the unbroken version.

The compiler shipped wit the updates to RH7 works very nicely, thank
you.  There are a few more warnings, mostly caused by more strict
enforcement of the ANSI C standards.  They ship a special kernel
compiler, and the kernel SRPMs automatically use that compiler.  You
shouldn't need kgcc for anything other than the kernel, although there
may be a few really old broken programs that don't work properly.
BTW, there are mailman RPMs in the RedHat PowerTools collection.  I've
been using them, and they seem to work really well.  (plus, they make
upgrades much nicer)


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