[Mailman-Users] mailman on SuSE-Linux7.0 + Postfix

admin at lx7.klaus.hn.org admin at lx7.klaus.hn.org
Sat Feb 10 11:06:47 CET 2001

i need help. I try to run mailman on suse-linux-7.0. I need to use postfix as
mailer, because the server is a SuSE-Email-ServerII which runs with postfix.

My problem is:
i have installed mailman and also the web-interface runs. when i try to subscibe
to the list (called liste), i get the answer with the identify but when i reply
the mail to request-owner is comming back as undeliverable. Why?
Also my cronjobs will not work.
In Readme.Linux they say, that i have to turn off restricted hardlinks? Which
way i can do this on my system?
I there anywhere a good description of mailman with postfix?


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