[Mailman-Users] Rejecting attachments

alex khalil alex at khalil.org
Tue Feb 13 01:41:49 CET 2001

  As Joe, I am very interested in rejecting all attachments on a few of my
mailing lists.
  As Joe, I played with pattern detection in the header of the messages
but failed.

  Stripping is not an option in this case: these are announcement lists
with relatively high traffic and the emails are better "rejected" to
advertise that a format change is desired which the announcers accept
quite gracefully.

  The idea is to have the attachment trigger an automatic "reject".

>"Peter Hutnick" <peter-lists at hutnick.com> wrote
>It might be better just to have your MTA strip attachmnets on incoming 
>messages to the list, before Mailman ever sees them.
>This will probably be easier to manage.  For instance, your message 
>would have been blocked if this list was set up to block messages with 
>attachments, but if the MTA at python.org just stripped attachmnets 
>from messages going to this list we only would have lost your HTML.
>> Hi.  I am an administrator for a mailman list and I am trying to
>> use the administrative interface to block any incoming messages
>> that have any kind of an attachment.  I have been playing about
>> with the Hold posts with header value matching a specified regexp
>> option in 'Privacy Options' but to no avail.

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