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Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at InTechnology.co.uk
Wed Feb 14 10:29:12 CET 2001

alexis at planet-three.net said:
> I have configured the software fine and can send out mails without any
> problems, however is there a way to change the 'Return-Path' and 'To'
> headers. 

It should be fairly easy to modify To (remember that you probably also 
need to hit Cc, Bcc, Resent-* etc), probably by a fragment added in the 
Mailman/Handlers directory - look at CookHeaders etc for examples.

Return-Path is special.  The RFCs say it is constructed at final 
delivery, so any Return-Path on a message you generate is an error and 
should be stripped.  Its also where effectively the envelope-sender is 
put (effectively because it may be munged, source-routed or similar).  
If you do tamper with this and your MTA does not throw it away then you 
will probably break the bounce handling for all downstream mail 
systems.  Basically don't do this, ever, not nohow.   The envelope 
sender should be constructed correctly by Mailman and be <list-id>
-admin@<domain> - unless you are doing VERP processing somehow.

Why did you want to change Return-Path?

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